A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place
Bernstein’s second and final opera based on a libretto by Stephen Wadsworth.

A Quiet Place tells the story of a contemporary American family struggling to connect, forgive, and accept one another’s differences after the death of a loved one. They all yearn for and remember moments of intimacy, but struggle desperately to achieve it in the present. This is presented musically by repurposing musical and dramatic motifs from Trouble in Tahiti, and though often dark and emotionally searing, A Quiet Place is interspersed with moments of communion, and ultimately ends on a hopeful note with a promise of reconciliation.

Opera Zuid is the only European opera house to stage the final version of this heart wrenching piece in the Bernstein-Centennial year.

OperaZuid  in collaboration with Philharmonie Zuidnederland
Director: Orpha Phelan
Choreographer: Lauren Poulton
Music: Karel Deseure
Role: Jazz Trio(Baritone)

09-11-2018 20:00 Maastricht – Theater aan het Vrijthof info
11-11-2018 20:30 Tilburg – Theaters Tilburg (Semi-concertant) info
13-11-2018 20:15 Rotterdam – Schouwburg Rotterdam info
15-11-2018 20:00 Eindhoven – Parktheater Eindhoven info
20-11-2018 20:00 Luxemburg – Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg info
22-11-2018 20:00 Scheveningen – Zuiderstrandtheater info
24-11-2018 20:00 Heerlen – Parkstad Limburg Theaters info
27-11-2018 20:00 Den Bosch – Theater aan de Parade info
01-12-2018 20:00 Sittard – Schouwburg de Domijnen info
04-12-2018 20:00 Utrecht – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht info
06-12-2018 20:00 Breda – Chassé Theater info
09-12-2018 14:00 Maastricht – Theater aan het Vrijthof info

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